Foliar Essentials BioNutrition Spray

Easy, efficient and effective... Naturally. A foliar spray to boost your crops’ nutrient efficiency.

Cost effective. Concentrated liquid Nature’s Source offers an economical alternative to traditional chemical fertilizers. And it works wonders on a wide range of crops.

Sustainable. Contains oilseed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition derived from nature.

Nutritional value. In addition to N-P-K, Nature’s Source contains trace amounts of secondary micronutrients to include calcium and magnesium, and organic compounds including 20 L-amino acids to help crops perform to their full potential.

Convenient. Nature’s Source mixes easily with cold water and can be used with direct inject systems. It is compatible with most chemistries and can be applied with fungicide and insecticide applications. 

Safe. Nature’s Source is safer for plants – lower in salts than most commonly used chemical fertilizers.  It’s non-staining, too.

Pathogen free - heavy metals free.




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