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Nature's Source Professional Plant Food 10-4-3

Nature’s Source Professional Plant Food 10-4-3 brings out the best in everything you grow. Imagine better-toned plants, earlier flowering and darker foliage with just one single liquid formula.

Sustainable. Contains oilseed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition.

Easier on plants... and on you. Nature’s Source is lower in salts than most commonly used water-soluble fertilizers and can be used as a foliar mist without burning or stretch. It also reduces the amount of leaching necessary to reduce salt build-up. No residue on leaves either – or blue stains on your hands!

Nutritional value. In addition to N-P-K, Nature’s Source contains Boost Molecules (amino acids) as well as calcium and magnesium, to improve your plants’ performance.

Convenient. Nature’s Source mixes easily with cold water. And it’s the only plant food you’ll need in your greenhouse.

Versatile. Nature’s Source can be pulled straight from the container with compatible injection systems. Or dilute it according to your needs and inject a solution from your stock tank into your irrigation system through your injection equipment.

Cost effective. Highly concentrated Nature’s Source offers a more economical, sustainable alternative to traditional synthetic fertilizer programs, at a lower input cost.

Pathogen free - heavy metals free.

GMO Free
Professional 10-4-3

Nature's Source Professional Plant Food 10-4-3 is available in the following sizes:

2.5-gallon Twin Pack (5 gallons/18.93 L)
36 per pallet
4.7-gallon (17.8L) containers
40 per pallet
55-gallon (208.2L) drums
4 per pallet
275-gallon (1040.9L) totes
1 per pallet
Bulk delivery: Truck & Rail