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Nature’s Source Comparison Trial Yields 10% Strawberry Harvest Increase

And the winner is ... Nature’s Source Plant Food 10-4-3 over growers’ standard nutrition.

SHERMAN, TX – The Nature’s Source technical team released more research and trial results from its recent studies, including a strawberry yield comparison trial of Nature’s Source Plant Food 10-4-3 versus growers’ standard liquid nutrition. The results showed a yield increase of more than 10% for a six-month harvest period when using Nature’s Source, translating to a retail value of nearly $7,000.00 per acre.

“Plants grown with Nature’s Source were clearly more vigorous as evidenced by overall size of the plants due to a greater number of laterals,” says Chris Boisseranc, who assisted in the growing trial in Mentone, Calif. “There was a yield increase of 564 flats per acre recorded from the field using Nature’s Source 10-4-3 Professional.”

Along with the yield increase, applying the Nature’s Source plant nutrition increased Nitrogen efficiency (5%) and Phosphorus efficiency (20%), and overall plant vigor was notably greater early in the crop.

“These positive results for Nature’s Source Plant Food show how easy it is to improve crop vigor and fruit harvest with more natural plant nutrition,” says Chance Finch, General Manager of Ball DPF, LLC. “We look forward to sharing more proven trial data with our agriculture and greenhouse customers.”

Nature’s Source® Plant Food contains oilseed extract, a natural source of plant nutrition. For more information and to download the full research, visit the Tech Resources page at

Nature’s Source® Plant Food is manufactured by Ball DPF, LLC, in Sherman, Texas. Nature’s Source is an industry leader in renewable and cost-effective plant food products for the professional grower, farmers, and home gardeners across North America. Call 888-839-8722 for more information.