About Nature's Source

Nature’s Source® has been manufacturing high efficiency plant food products for horticultural professionals and home gardeners since 1994. Nature’s Source products are manufactured in Sherman, Texas, by Ball DPF, LLC. All Nature’s Source liquid plant food formulations include oilseed extract, a renewable source of plant nutrition. Whether you’re a professional grower or gardening at home, Nature’s Source is effective and easy to use.

OMRI Listed

Ball DPF Commitment to Sustainability

From its plant in Texas, which is certified as a zero waste discharge manufacturing facility, Ball DPF, LLC makes a variety of Nature’s Source brand plant food formulations. And we do it sustainably. All Nature’s Source liquid plant foods are based on our patented, sustainable oilseed extract process delivering a renewable source of plant nutrition. There are also valuable uses for the by-product created during the manufacturing process. Filter sludge, which results from plant food manufacturing, is pressed to remove as much liquid phase as possible. The extracted liquid is re-sold as a registered 1-1-1 plant food product in the state of Texas. Material is then offered to local growers and cattlemen as livestock feed and plant food for their grazing pastures and hay fields. Ball DPF delivers semi-solid filter cake ranging 16-22% in protein, which is a vital feed supplement for livestock.